Deccan Explotech Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as Deccan Explosives Manufacturing Company. This is a leading manufacturer in the field of slurry and emulsion explosives.

This unit was established in the year 2005 as a group Company of already existing Deccan Industrial Explosives Pvt. Ltd which is India’s largest manufacturer of Safety Fuse.

The Plant is situated at Yawat, 50kms from Pune City. Well known for its commitment to quality and services, it has become the first choice for explosives distributors and users across the country. A dedicated team of employees are closely monitoring the manufacturing processes.

Deccan Blast, Deccan Prime and Deccan Column are the premium products under slurry and Deccan Power is the most sought after product under Emulsion.

deccan power

Deccan Business Club

The Deccan Business Club carries out its business activities in a very unique way. Deccan Business Club came into existence since 1994.

It is an organization which provides infrastructure and plat form for other companies or organizations to setup their own offices to administer their businesses.

Deccan Business Club provides infrastructure facilities to its customers in terms of

  • Well furnished office area
  • 24 x 7 security
  • Parking area
  • Elevator
  • Air conditioners
  • Generator backup

We also look after the overall safety of our clients by providing Fire Extinguishers at their Door step.

Being situated in the heart of the city this unique platform allows our clients to flourish their business with the availed facilities. The Deccan Business Club strives to achieve and maintain relationship with their clients with absolute professionalism.

Some of the eminent trusts worthy clients are

  • The Times of India
  • Agribuys.Com
  • Park Avenue
  • Deccan Industrial Explosives Pvt. Ltd
deccan power

M/s. G.A. Shah

Over the years, ‘M/s. G.A. SHAH” has successfully made itself an inevitable part of the transportation of Explosives to any part of India by Licensed Explosives Road Vans.

“M/s. G.A. SHAH” came in to being two years ago, inspired and encouraged by the parent company. Steadily yet surely, it has emerged as a significant name in the Explosives Industry.

A strong network and with modern communication systems like email and cellular phones with properly trained, experienced and highly motivated 20+strong staff has always empowered “M/s. G. A. SHAH” to meet the dynamic and ever-expanding market needs. Since ‘customer care’ is the driving force at “M/s. G.A. SHAH” the adrenalin level is always rushing high to ensure the best after sales services.

We handle about 2000 MT of explosives per annum. Today, the company has reached a growth rate of 25% per year.

deccan power